14 Months

by Andrea on February 18, 2014

Reed turned 14 months last week. He now loves saying cracker, in addition to saying apple. On that note, he eats at least two apples a day (which includes scattering a billion apple bits all over the house….). He basically eats a ton, in general. A TON. It’s truly amazing.

He loves climbing on things. He is fearless. I have had to relinquish the step stool to the front porch. This is very unfortunate for a short lady who uses her step stool in the kitchen constantly.



Reed sleeps a lot better now that he isn’t nursing. He has been bogged down with a cold that just won’t end the past few weeks but is cheery all the same. We have been lazy about moving him into his crib at night after he falls asleep ( yeah, not supposed to do that…), so he has been enjoying sleeping with us the past few weeks, snotty nose and all.

Favorite new foods: rice cakes, cinnamon raisin toast, and waffles.

Favorite new play activities: standing up on rocking horse (#parental nightmare) and anything outside.

Favorite new tricks: high fives and opening the front door to let the cat in (it is clear so he can see her waiting on the other side) and then running out onto the front porch as the cat dashes into the house . Escaping baby!

Reed also now loves books. He carries them all over the house and sits on the floor by himself flipping pages and carefully examine the pages. He loves story time. So sweet. Time for another trip to the library.

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Simple Triangle Shawl

by Andrea on February 15, 2014

Knitting week continues with this simple triangle shawl.

20140215-113358.jpgThis was my hospital knitting project when my mom was sick last month, but it took me until last week to block it and weave in the ends.

The fiercest lions lie at the final gates.

I used a merino-bamboo blend.

20140215-113516.jpgAt first I didn’t like the finished shawl because it felt too heavy and didn’t drape well. Blocking made such a huge difference. Now it is light and airy.


20140215-113637.jpgI didn’t really use a pattern…mostly this was an experiment/prototype for a second project that will ultimately become a pattern.

I am not sure what will become of this shawl. I have a strong hunch it will become a gift. But for who?

Many thanks to the persimmon tree for being my dreary day photo prop.

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Winterspun Shawl Pattern Release

February 12, 2014

My most recent pattern is now available on Ravelry. It’s the Super Easy Winterspun Shawl. I used madelinetosh merino light and loved it. This pattern has fabulous texture. Very classy. There is a slight ruffle achieved by using two different needle sizes. Nothing too complicated, but not too boring either. A perfect balance. It’s extra-snuggly […]

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My Claire Scarf

February 11, 2014

A year ago, I used this pattern to knit a shawl. I had a skein of Rowan Kidsilk Haze left and decided to make a narrower scarf version for a holiday gift. most of my knitted holiday gifts were a tad late this year, arriving just on time for Valentine’s Day. The way I see […]

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Knitting Week

February 10, 2014

It’s knitting week on The Skinny Chronicles. Brace yourself for some major knitting! The computer is finally up and running, allowing me to download photos from the camera. It is time for some major project catch up! I’ve got new patterns and finished projects to reveal. Plus works-in-progress. Basically, there is yarn everywhere. Whoo hoo. […]

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The “Cleanse”

February 4, 2014

Now that I’ve finished nursing, I decided I wanted to do a bit of a cleanse last weekend. It felt like time. This is what happened: Go to the grocery store. Buy lots of goodies for the juicer and blender (smoothies). Spend a small fortune on fresh, organic produce. Night one–Ask Husband: do you want […]

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Trotting Like the Wind

February 2, 2014

Today was my first post-baby jog without the baby. It only took almost fourteen months. There’s something about not pushing a stroller and gaining the ability to swing both arms back and forth. It’s fabulous. I also trotted along the paved road with “traffic,” as opposed to the gravel “no-traffic” route baby and I usually […]

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January Cocktail Date

January 31, 2014

If we were meeting up for cocktails this evening, I’d tell you I’m tired but happy. My days are hectic but fulfilling. Weekdays are particularly nutso. Reed started day care this month, which has been a big adjustment for us all. I find myself overridden with guilt about being a working parent and constantly have […]

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What I Am Reading Now

January 29, 2014

The library came through for me with an Ebook I have been waiting to read for a while: Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen. I am a huge Carl fan. Yes, we are on a first name basis. We’re kindred spirits. I read all of his books. Some are better than others, but he never disappoints. […]

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January Garden Dispatch

January 25, 2014

Unlike some places, it has been unseasonably warm here. Despite frigid mornings, it even feels like Spring is just around the corner. It is probably just a tease. All the same, Reed and I harvested carrots and beets yesterday. Fun. Fun. Of course, this means I spent thirty minutes this morning scrubbing them clean. Less […]

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