14 Months

by Andrea on February 18, 2014

Reed turned 14 months last week. He now loves saying cracker, in addition to saying apple. On that note, he eats at least two apples a day (which includes scattering a billion apple bits all over the house….). He basically eats a ton, in general. A TON. It’s truly amazing.

He loves climbing on things. He is fearless. I have had to relinquish the step stool to the front porch. This is very unfortunate for a short lady who uses her step stool in the kitchen constantly.



Reed sleeps a lot better now that he isn’t nursing. He has been bogged down with a cold that just won’t end the past few weeks but is cheery all the same. We have been lazy about moving him into his crib at night after he falls asleep ( yeah, not supposed to do that…), so he has been enjoying sleeping with us the past few weeks, snotty nose and all.

Favorite new foods: rice cakes, cinnamon raisin toast, and waffles.

Favorite new play activities: standing up on rocking horse (#parental nightmare) and anything outside.

Favorite new tricks: high fives and opening the front door to let the cat in (it is clear so he can see her waiting on the other side) and then running out onto the front porch as the cat dashes into the house . Escaping baby!

Reed also now loves books. He carries them all over the house and sits on the floor by himself flipping pages and carefully examine the pages. He loves story time. So sweet. Time for another trip to the library.

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Shauna February 18, 2014 at 11:31 pm

So sweet he his. And he’s so cute. William also climbs on everything, including the table with all of the food on it. It’s driving us all crazy. :) Hope you get your stool back soon. Ha! Take care,



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