by Andrea on July 26, 2012

I keep telling myself I am going to be better about blogging…but apparently I can’t get with the program. Tragic. Sadly there is so much I WANT to blog about it…I just haven’t been able to make it happen. Hek, I can’t even manage to snap a few photos with my cell phone.


It seems I also can’t manage to put away laundry, do dishes, think of something to cook that sounds good, get tot he bank to deposit checks,  or walk when it is too hot outside. I’ve come to the realization that once it’s over 85 degrees, walking really isn’t for me. Apparently I faint. This means one has to walk early in the morning (when one is otherwise sleeping on weekends or running around like a crazy lady trying to get out the door on work days) or in the evening (when one is utterly exhausted regardless of the day of the week). This is the first time in my life I have caught myself wishing for cooler summer days.

Jaw dropping.

I live in utter admiration and disbelief of all the pregnant (and non-pregnant) cupcake bakers, habitual exercisers, and people who live in orderly and clean houses (without a daily housekeeper).

Apparently there is some secret I am missing.

Or those people are nuts.

Yes, you’re right. They must be nuts.

Baby stuff requiring assembly is starting to arrive en masse  (co-sleeper, dresser, bookcase…), and even though I am SO excited to put baby’s new room together, I just can’t pull it together to gather enough energy or time to open the boxes. And of course Husband is severely allergic to putting together anything that comes with instructions written in foreign languages (or English for that matter) leaving just me to figure out if the co-sleeper really will adjust to the proper height or if the lady on the other end of my customer service email was really lying to me, which is likely. Because who ever tells the truth when sales is involved?

On the positive side, my knitting projects are progressing nicely. I finally 100% completed two knitted tees, including finishing. I will have to post photos and such soon. And I’m almost done with a set of pink baby tanks for a couple of ladies I know who were lucky enough to conceive girl children. (No bitterness here…)  Then it’s on to the baby blanket…very exciting. Although I think I over-knitted last weekend because I have this ridiculous pain below my left thumb bone on the edge of the palm of my hand. I’m pretending it isn’t there. Only I would get injured knitting.


I also owe a post of our summer garden’s progress. The green beans are rocking, peaches are ripening, and tomatoes are growing at least ten trillion feet a day. I’ve been meaning to plant more lettuce seed for two weeks now…but apparently that project is right there on the list with put away laundry, assembly baby stuff, and clean the house (AKA not happening).

And lastly, I am uber-excited for the Olympics to begin and can’t wait for my first on-air glimpses of the royal family, cheering from the stands. I basically want to stay home from work the next three weeks to catch every singly moment of Olympic coverage…knit baby blankets…and catch up on my to-do list that is starting to get longer than my pad of paper.

But hey, at least I have a list. That’s one thing down.

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Kat July 26, 2012 at 7:17 pm

I really am more excited to watch the Olympics to see what The Princess Kate wears moreso than anything else.

In the interim, do the things you’re Called To Do. The rest will come in time.
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Ameena July 28, 2012 at 4:05 am

My husband was allergic to putting all baby stuff together as well. Hence why I single-handedly put together Maya’s crib. While she screamed bloody murder for 2 hours.

Yeah. I haven’t forgotten.

So curious what you thought about the opening ceremony? I was underwhelmed to say the least?

Wishing you cooler weather my friend. You deserve it!!
Ameena recently international calling


Andrea July 30, 2012 at 9:31 am

The opening ceremonies were a total downer. Very disappointing. The only parts I enjoyed were: hot James Bond parachuting with the queen and David Beckham driving the speed boat. They should have showed a lot more of David Beckham and everything would have been much better.


marie July 28, 2012 at 12:51 pm

I have nothing good to say about pregnancy, so don’t feel bad, not everyone is baking and exercising while growing a bebe. Your son is going to have the best blankets around. Once he’s here I hope you post lots & lots of pictures. Hey, where’s a pregnancy pic? I was so sick I didn’t even think about taking any and now I totally regret it.
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