Critical Thought Ponderings for Weight Loss and Happiness

by Andrea on February 23, 2012

1. The sun has finally come out. We’ve hit nearly 60 degrees here, which I am pretty sure constitutes a heat wave. All I want to do is stay home from work, garden, bake and knit. And try a new cocktail recipes. Apparently sunny weather turns me into a lush.

2. Husband has been out of town for most of the week, first on a fishing trip and now on a business trip. He popped in last night just long enough to tell me about how the drift boat he was in sank in the middle of the river. Huh. This means I have been Bachelorette Numero Uno all week. Basically I spend my evenings sitting on the sofa watching tv and knitting with a cat in my lap. It’s like I’m 70 years old already! I have to force myself to do basic housework like dishes or putting away laundry…and then reward myself with more sloth time. I’ve also been eating pickles for dinner. Or sweet potato fries (I found a bag of frozen fries in the bottom of the freezer.) This makes me wonder if I am lying to myself when I describe my persona as someone who enjoys cooking and the culinary arts. I just might be a self-lier.

3. I haven’t eaten any candy, cookies, or sweets since Sunday. This is pretty much a world record. Something must be wrong with me. Each night, I’ve craved chocolate big time and even considered putting my bra back on and driving ten minutes to the nearest candy supplier (read: gas station) …but it has to take a lot more than a chocolate craving for me to put my bra back on.

4. I went jogging four days in a row this week. Also a world record. I am going to take the day off tonight to rest my aching hip…hoping to hit up the bike trainer tonight instead. I think they call this cross training. If I fulfill my goal of a four mile jog on Saturday, I will have plodded 13 miles this week. I find that quite impressive. It may warrant chocolate as a celebratory token to myself.

5. This whole consecutive days of exercise deal makes me realize I need a more prolific exercise wardrobe. Especially when it comes to sports bras. I don’t much enjoy the junior high gym locker strategy of wearing the same exercise outfits all week long, day after day. There’s a reason locker rooms stink to high heaven! Next paycheck, I am buying more gym clothes!

6. Next paycheck I also want to buy a slurry of shoes on Zappos, so I may have to prioritize. What is a slurry of shoes, exactly? Somehow that just came out of my brain on onto my fingertips. I really want these but can’t decide which color to get.

7. I still weigh the same. But at least I don’t weigh more.

8. Our cat also still weighs the same. Even though the vet told me she was obese last month. And I cut her food back. She is supposed to lose a few pounds. It’s like obesity just runs in my family. Maybe this is because I equate food with love.


9. I have been baffled by the SEO setup of my blog. I wish someone could handle that for me. After a year of hosting ads on my blog, I’ve earned FAR less than the measly amount I covet to spring for  a new header design. This realization combined with my random run-in with this post over at Healthy Living Blogs  sent me on this hapless hour of aimlessly poking around on the Yost SEO plugin. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but this whole metadata stuff just makes my eyeballs want to pop out of my head. And apparently I don’t use enough recognizable key words. Should I even care? I don’t think so really. I think keyword usage is likely to impede the literary quality of ingenious prose.

10. I have been thinking long and hard about rearranging my office at work. Currently my back is to the window, so I never get to look outside unless I stand up and turn around. On the flip side, the back of my computer monitor faces the door…so people walking buy can’t see what’s on my computer screen, which I appreciate. Do I give up my computer screen privacy for a direct view of the out-of-doors???


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Catalina @ Cake with Love February 23, 2012 at 5:03 pm

Dont rearrange your office, there is nothing worse when everybody who walks by you can see your screen, this is my situation! Also, dont worry, sometimes the weight just “stops” going down, you will be good!
Catalina @ Cake with Love recently posted..Sour Cherries Crepes Cake


Kat February 23, 2012 at 7:14 pm

There are so many days when I consider the victorious part the fact that the scale didn’t go up.

That being said, I am SUPER impressed by your fitness/feasting initiative this week. You absolutely get a gold star – that’s really not an easy feat!
Kat recently posted..Screen Testing Lavender


Sarah February 23, 2012 at 7:35 pm

Well done with avoiding sweets this week! And your cat is super cute, even if the vet says she is a little tubby. She looks pretty happy in that picture to me! I totally don’t get SEO either, it does my head in!
Sarah recently posted..Almost Quicker than a Pot Noodle


Marie@feedingfive February 23, 2012 at 10:47 pm

Ok it’s official, this is the funniest thing I have ever read. Putting on a bra is the worst! Right up there with putting on makeup for me. I don’t care who sees me with my greasy face, I don’t want to put on makeup. I can relate to the whole being 70 thing too, but uh, sub in the dog for the cat and maybe doing my nails for the knitting, I wish I could knit.

I have no idea what a SEO is and are you telling me that food does not equal love. News to me.
Marie@feedingfive recently posted..The Boy is Mine


Shauna February 25, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Andrea, I hear you with regard to the workout outfits. I have one good sports bra, one that’s semi okay but ripping and one really good pair of running pants. Then, I go to target and see their sports bras are $24.99! To most that’s probably a steal, but when you buy most of your clothing used I think of how could buy ten for that price. But, I haven’t been having luck finding good used workout clothing. So, in reality $24.99 is not so bad.

Have fun shopping for new workout clothing and good luck figuring out the rearranging in your office! Take care,

Shauna recently posted..Scratching the Surface…


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