Seeing Blue

by Andrea on July 13, 2012

Yesterday was the big day when Husband and I got to sneak a peak at baby and find out the gender.

Meet Baby Boy, or Junior as Husband has been calling him for some time now. (I really hope that doesn’t stick…) Apparently someone had early intuition of the new little man that will be joining us in December.

I on the other hand have been in denial, sleeping each night with a flowery girl’s outfit and calling my unsexed baby Little Girl everytime we are alone together. That and I’ve been oodling over all the adorable infant girls clothing for years now.


I’ve always thought a girl would be calmer…less likely to climb up on all the furniture and do backflips off the back of the couch while I am glancing away for three seconds…or heaven forbid trying to completely ignore my child and parenting responsibilities and take a quick nap.

I must admit I had been hoping for a girl, and I think I am still in shock as I contemplate all the extra parts my little fetus seems to be sprouting. Boy children (and men) have always been a mystery to me… I’ve always thought: best to avoid.

Of course this is my karmatic redemption. That or I pre-destined myself for a baby boy four years ago when I painted our spare bedroom blue without thinking of the future ramifications. Hey, you never know…


But hey, I am taking it in strides and slowly adjusting to the idea of raising a little man. It’s too late to turn back now. I picked out a sweet green baby boy outfit yesterday at the overpriced baby boutique to celebrate (baby’s first shopping spree!…plenty of time to teach the lessons of consume responsibility later…) along with some soft green yarn for the baby blanket I am going to knit up.

Meanwhile Husband is pre-planning a lifetime’s worth of sporting events and wilderness adventures. That and Husband claims he will teach our baby boy to be well mannered.

Wife: This means you will have to be a role model and start making the bed and changing the toilet paper roll in the bathroom.

Husband: That’s not what I meant.  I meant like opening doors for ladies and stuff like that.

Wife: You’ve never opened the door for me before.

All I got back was a sly smile and some gibberish claiming that it was because I was always charging ahead. Likely story.




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Kat July 15, 2012 at 6:41 pm

Baby boy! I love it. I mean, I would have loved it either way, but, now We Know! And I think Husband’s interpretation of manliness role modeling is hysterical.

Can we get a snap of the inaugural outfit?
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marie July 17, 2012 at 9:51 am

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Trust me, once you meet your perfect, precious little boy you won’t want anything else. I am so excited for you and your husband. More work than you’ve ever known, but more love and joy than you thought the world was possible of having.
marie recently posted..Lakeside


Aleyta July 19, 2012 at 1:07 pm

Awwww!! We have a 2.5 year old girl and I just had a boy 8 weeks ago. There is something so sweet and different about having a boy. I too was weirded out about growing boy parts lol and thinking of bugs, dirt, chaos! But omg now I just think about having a mommas boy :) Congrats!!!! Boys are just sooooo sweet!!!!


Denise August 4, 2012 at 7:45 am

Um, you know I love you and think you will be the best mother to a boy in the world – but brace yourself…. my son set fire to a shed today, duaghter called 9-1-1…. get xanix scrip now :)
Call for more details – luv u


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