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by Andrea on November 3, 2011

I have been considering some deep and ruminating topics this morning–issues fundamental to the functioning of the World and perhaps even Gravity.

Pad Thai. I finally made it. I had been aspiring to make Pad Thai ever since Jenna posted her recipe, adapted from the Gourmet Cookbook weeks ago. My one problem: the bean sprouts. I had to go to five different grocery stores to find bean sprouts. Seriously. It took me two weeks to finally source the little buggers. I even placed a special order at the local natural food store that failed to fill. Who would have known that finding bean sprouts could have been such a challenge? So, last night, bean sprouts in hand, I made the Pad Thai even though I had about as much energy as a toad on a log and would have much rather preferred toast for dinner. But I had the bean sprouts! I substituting soy sauce for tamarind paste because I was too cheap to spend the $9 on an ingredient I probably wouldn’t use much. Even though I forgot the green onions and peanuts (you can’t always win), it came out surprisingly good but a little oily for my preferences. I’m going to try this one again next week and strive for perfection!

Hair stylist. I want one. Like the kind that comes over every morning when you are getting ready for work and gives you a nice, glamorous hair-do. While they are at, maybe my Imaginary Hair Stylist could bring over a nice outfit I could wear too. And do my makeup. I can make my own toaster waffles, so at least I am self-sufficient in that regard.

Winter. It sucks. I have been able to find no joy in it, and it hasn’t even really started. Today’s our first day of cold, dark rain, yet I cannot summon up any kind of inner joy…Not even from steaming tea with honey, soft hand-knit mittens and scarves, a crackling fire, or candles. Okay, the candles are kind of nice. But I would way rather have a margarita instead of tea and a beach towel instead of mittens. And the fire makes a mess of the house! Soot everywhere. Plus I pretty much suck at splitting kindling. I make do, but it isn’t pretty. Does this mean I am no longer the happy-go-lucky optimistic person I once was? Or does it mean I should put all my belongings in storage and hop the first flight to Kauai?

Lottery tickets. I should buy some.

Chickens. I love mine. They are so cool.




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Marie@feedingfive November 3, 2011 at 9:56 am

Believe it or not my oldest loves bean sprouts and just packs them in her lunch to eat plain and raw. I haven’t made pad thai in a while but we all love it. And I need a hair stylist too as I am the worst with hair, but I can do a great pony tail.
Marie@feedingfive recently posted..Blessed


Kat November 3, 2011 at 12:09 pm

I made pad thai once and while it turned out deliciously, tossing the rice noodles with everything else was very much an epic battle for the ages. Holy hell.

That being said, I too would like a daily stylist. I think it would raise the zen and lower the stress by a ton.
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