The Two Ryans

by Andrea on February 15, 2012

This hereby constitutes the most important “gardening” post I have ever drafted.

Trust me.

English: Ryan Gosling at the 2010 Toronto Inte...

Hi Ryan!


Only just last week I realized I had been erroneously thinking Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling were the same guy. I don’t think I had ever seen Ryan Gosling act before and ended up watching the Ides of March and Crazy, Stupid, Love in the same week…the entire time thinking: What was Scarlett thinking? Ryan Gosling is so HOT!

This is where I should admit that I have received and read every issue of US Weekly for the past six years…and I was still confused on this important point.

After mulling this universal injustice over and over in my head…it finally dawned on me that Ryan Reynolds isĀ  a different person than Ryan Gosling…and Ryan Gosling was not married to Scarlett.

The world fell back into place and made sense again. Like butter on bread.

And then, not less than a week after this HUGE Ryan v. Ryan epiphany, I ran into this on the Internet…and I’ve been in stitches ever since. If you at all like gardening (or Ryan G.), you won’t be sorry you clicked!





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